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Our Vision: A Nation Without Child Marriage

Students Against Child Marriage is the only 501(c)(3) nonprofit devoted to ending American child marriage through student activism.

Students Against Child Marriage is dedicated to eliminating the archaic laws, legal loopholes, and legislative shortcomings which allow countless young girls and boys to be forced into coerced and harmful child marriages.

The Mission: Leverage Student Momentum to End American Child Marriage

The Students Against Child Marriage mission is to promote advocacy, awareness, and research to elevate survivor voices, energize student activism, and finally end the life-destroying institution of child marriage throughout the United States.

Our mobilization of students across the country is unprecedented in both magnitude and commitment to this issue. Through civil conversations, grassroots efforts, and a comprehensive media campaign, we strive to eradicate child marriage and protect millions of vulnerable young girls from the horrors of forced marriages. 

Ambitious Goals, Achievable Objectives, Lifesaving Outcomes


Students Against Child Marriage is making child marriage a household concern. We are committed to raising the public awareness of underage marriage, a critical step towards making sweeping, systemic changes. Our organization strives to educate students, allies, stakeholders, government officials, and lawmakers on the real, life threatening consequences of child marriage. 



We strive to conduct productive and inclusive advocacy to compel lawmakers to act on child marriage reforms and protect girls across the country. By elevating survivor voices and engaging stakeholders, Students Against Child Marriage will capitalize on student organizing power to mobilize a nationwide, grassroots movement to end underage marriage. We’re employing time tested tactics and new innovations to change the game of student activism and spur groundbreaking progress. 


In the pursuit of our mission, Students Against Child Marriage will serve as the nation’s foremost resource for peer-reviewed and non-academic writing on American child marriage. Between creating the first comprehensive underage marriage research library, commissioning empirical studies, and conducting essential analyses on child marriage’s impacts and underlying factors, we’re working to advance the scholarly understanding of this appalling institution.

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