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Survivor Voices

"He had begun sexually abusing me at age 11, had gotten me pregnant, and married me by age 13. This man was 32-years-old.“ - Dawn

Each day, underage marriage survivors across the United States share their stories to assist victims in similar situations, educate the public, promote advocacy efforts, and energize the movement to end American child marriage. There is no better nor more humanizing way to educate yourself and others about underage marriage than to read the testimonies of these resilient women and the recovery, growth, and triumph they have experienced in the face of incredible adversity. 

Students Against Child Marriage is honored to publish the stories of four brave survivors. Our organization’s heartfelt thanks go out to Dawn, Sara, Michelle, and Donna for trusting us with their experiences. Elevating survivor voices is at the center of our mission, and we are actively publishing named and unnamed stories on our website and social media platforms. If you are a survivor and are interested in being a voice for the voiceless, please reach out to

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