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Our team at Students Against Child Marriage (SACM) has spent the last four months preparing our actions to raise the legal marital age to 18 in the 46 states that have not banned child marriage. From national members to chapter members, our staff works hard, volunteering their time to protect young girls in the United States. And now, we are proud to announce Students Against Child Marriage’s first-ever Giving Tuesday!

Falling on December 1st this year, Giving Tuesday encourages people to do good. Simple as that. It is a global movement that celebrates generosity and the season of giving. We are more than thrilled to embark on this initiative, bringing together our supporters for a common cause while simultaneously shining a light on the survivors of child marriage.

SACM’s Giving Tuesday Launch

This past Monday, our ever-growing team came together on Zoom to celebrate the launch of this project. For the first time since the beginning of our nonprofit, members got the chance to meet one another. Our student-activists got to know members across the nation that have found our organization and are equally as dedicated to this cause. We celebrated the power of generosity and the start of the community we are building within our SACM team.

While Giving Tuesday is an opportunity for us to come together, it also serves as a means to fund our operations. As a student-run organization, we rely on donations to fund our growth so we can continue to educate, take action, and support our survivors where they need us. We are a group of driven students who will work until all 50 states have raised the legal marital age, to protect young girls from the abuse of child marriage. We need your help to get there.

To our supporters:

Our chapters are working hard to bring together our supporters. We appreciate your petition signatures, your donations, big or small, and your willingness to learn about our battle against child marriage. This season of giving is also a time to thank those who have taken the time to learn about child marriage and join our battle to end US child marriage.

As we kick off this fundraising campaign, we ask our supporters to contribute where they can. From $5 to $500, anything helps to support our new organization to make the changes we wish to see in 2021.

If you have made a donation and wish to do more, we are always looking for new members. You can join our national team, join a chapter at your school, and if your school doesn’t have one yet, start one! And from now until December 1st, you can follow our Giving Tuesday journey on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Don’t forget to save the date for Giving Tuesday on December 1st!

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