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Thank You Wednesday

Dear SACM Supporters,

Happy Thank You Wednesday! Yesterday was such a crazy day filled with love and support. Four months ago, we had no idea that we’d soon launch a Giving Tuesday campaign, and we especially didn’t know how successful it was going to be.

This organization started as a passion project to end the human rights violation of child marriage in the United States. It is a system designed to entrap, and state laws contain loopholes that leave children vulnerable to abuse without an escape. We have grown so much over the last couple of months, and this momentum is only the beginning.

Many people made this possible, and today we are taking time to thank each of you and celebrate your heart-warming generosity.

Thank you to all those who have supported us this Giving Tuesday. Thank you for believing in us and our mission. Whether you donated, hosted your own fundraiser, shared our posts, joined our Instagram live streams, or even spoke to someone about child marriage, you have made a tremendous impact in ending American child marriage.

To our members, our Chapter Directors, and our National Team: thank you for taking action! Thank you for your dedication to this mission. Thank you for your advocacy, especially during this busy season of holidays and finals! And a special thanks to those who went live on Instagram, sharing your stories and passion for this cause (and some great self-care tips).

This was SACM’s first Giving Tuesday, which meant that we had to start from scratch when we began planning in October. This Giving Tuesday was just a sneak peek into what we have planned for next year. Your donations will help us grow our organization to make even more of a difference. We will soon be able to launch targeted campaigns in our strategic states, run educational events and panels, and host the first-ever child marriage research library on our website.

Each donation, whether it was $2 or $200, makes this possible, and together we will end the terrible practice of American child marriage. If you are interested in continuing the fight to end child marriage in the United States, join our team, join a chapter, start a chapter, and it is never too late to donate.

Once again, thank you.

All the best,

The SACM Team

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